Bulletin 3:
Extended payment deadlines

Extended payment deadlines


Extended payment deadlines for Player and Non-player fees

The TOC have granted a three (3) month extension to the payment due date for Ultimate players fees.


Players Fee (Early Bird at SEK 1850) is now due January 30, 2019. Non-Player Fee (at SEK 1250) and Player Fee (Regular at SEK 2050) are now due March 1, 2020

WFDF will be in touch late December to ask each team for the firm players numbers so that Team TOC can issue an invoice per team for the fees.


Please note - all teams are expected to make a full payment for all players fees by given dates. No further extensions to this payment date will be made PLEASE DO NOT ASK!

New payment deadlines

January 30: Player Fee (Early Bird) due: SEK 1,850

March 1: Player Fee (Regular), due: SEK 2,050

March 1: Non-Player Fee due: SEK 1,250

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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