Bulletin 2:
Hotel reservation

Hotel reservation process


Hotel reservation opens at October 1, 2019

This information and the online form is to help you find the hotel accommodation at WJUC 2020 that best meet you requests and needs.

Contact the TOC to receive a link to the online form.

Please read the instructions carefully BEFORE entering data in the form. The form is not an automatic reservation. The TOC will use the provided information to find the best possible accommodation and then get back to you with a suggestion. Read more under “Process” below.

We have a limited number of beds. Your request will be dealt with in chronological order. Meaning: The faster you are at filling out this form the greater the chance of you getting the accommodation you want.


  •  If the group you are handling is split into several groups with different arrival dates or choice of hotel: Please fill out the form once per group.

  • Do NOT make payment until we agree upon terms and conditions. You will receive a invoice from the TOC.with payment instructions.



  • Non players can be included in the same reservation as players orsend a separate request of accommodation.



  • It’s possible to add guests after deadline expires. But we can’t guarantee beds at the chosen hotel or at the original price range.

  • Cancellation is possible up to arrival date, but with various levels of refund of costs. See more under “Cancellation policy”.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. We are also available on Skype if you need guidance on the booking process.


  1. Fill out the form.

  2. The provided information is used to suggest an accommodation that best possible meet your requests.

  3. If you agree on the suggested accommodation, we lock the reservation. If not, we try again to finds a new solution.  

  4. The reservation is locked until November 30, 2020. By then a minimum of 50% of the accommodation cost must have been transferred.


B: Cancellation policy

December 15: 100% of rooms can be cancelled free of charge

March 15: 50% of remaining rooms can be cancelled free of charge

June 15: 10% of remaining rooms can be cancelled free of charge

July 10: 5% of remaining rooms can be cancelled free of charge

C: Payment deadlines

November 30: Minimum 50% deposit

January 30: Minimum 50% of due amount

April 1: Balance of amount due

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