March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Event Risk Mitigation Planning

Following internal WFDF and TOC review, the following are provisional measures for consideration at WFDF Events in 2020 dependent on the prevailing COVID-19 circumstances. Measures below, where applied, will be advised formally to event participants via WFDF official notification to teams and event channels. Measures are subject to change at any time and may include but not limited to the following:


  • Hand washing stations to be provided throughout the venue

  • Additional signage to be provided for hand washing station locations

  • Additional notices and reminders on personal hygiene

  • Additional cleaning and sterilisation of common areas and contact points

  • Discs to be sanitized between games


Reduced Contact
  • Captains meetings may be streamed or material provided online

  • Participants may be asked to refrain from shaking hands

  • Participants may be asked to refrain from engaging in Spirit Circles

  • Large communal activities such as the event player party may be cancelled

  • Public ticketing to the event may be removed


  • Participants are requested to avoid traveling to ‘hot spots’ and follow Social Distancing in the lead up to events

  • Participants may be requested to complete a travel history prior to and at Event Registration

  • WFDF, TOC staff and Volunteers to be screened daily

  • Participants may be asked to refrain from participation if they feel unwell

  • Participants coughing, sneezing or demonstrating possible symptoms may be asked to remove themselves from participation and report to the Chief Medical Officer immediately


WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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