Overview of WJUC2020.

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Event dates:

WJUC 2020 will be an eight (8) day tournament running from Saturday July 18 to Saturday July 25, 2018 inclusive.


Teams and Divisions:

All WFDF member National Federations (NF) in good standing are invited to participate at WJUC 2020 in Malmö in the following 2 divisions: Under 20 Open (U20O) and Under 20 Women’s (U20W).



WJUC 202 is held in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö, the Capital of the region Skåne, is the third-largest city in Sweden, with a population of 340,000 inhabitants.

  • Games will be played at three (3) venues: Main, North and South.

  • All venues are located in or close to the central parts of Malmö and close to the official WJUC2020 accommodation.

  • WJUC2020 will be playes on both grass and turf surface.

  • Each venue has WC, showers, dressing rooms, water, free fruit and protection for rain/sun.


Malmö has an oceanic climate. Climate is mild compared to other locations at similar latitudes. Malmö typically has warm, humid summers with light winds and around 13 hours of sunshine daily. The average daily high temperature for July is 23°C (73°F)

Transport to Malmö
  • Closest airport: Copenhagen Airport

  • Transit from Copenhagen Airport: Trains leave every 20 min, all day. Malmö is 20-30 min by train from Copenhagen Airport.

  • Price, one person, one way: approx 120 SEK.

  • WJUC will provide transit busses with from Copenhagen Airport for a fixed rate.

  • You can also arrive by car, train or ferry.

Transport in Malmö during WJUC2020
  • Shuttle Busses will transport teams from the two official WJUC-hotels to all fields on a fixed scheduled loop.

  • Shuttle Busses will start running 2 hours before games commence and run until 2 hours after the last game ends or when the venue is clear.

  • Shuttle Busses are free to use for accredited WJUC participants.

  • At present public transportation is not included in the player pack

Travel Visa:

You are responsible for obtaining the correct paperwork to visit Sweden to compete at WJUC 2020. Please visit the following webpage and select your country of citizenship to see the requirements for visiting Sweden. 


The TOC have chosen two primary hotels for the main WJUC 2020 accomodation. Both hotels are situated at the Main Venue or between Main and South Venue. Both hotels are on the Shuttle Bus Loop.

Two secondary hotels are targeted to non-players/tourists. Both are close to Malmö Central Station. None of the hotels are on the Shuttle Bus Loop, but with public transportation to all three venues


See this section for rates and more information on the hotels.

Camping at the fields is not allowed by Swedish law. Malmö has one camping site, being approx 6 km off the shuttle bus loop. Neither breakfast nor shuttle bus is provided in the camping alternative.

Food & Beverage:
  • Breakfast: A rich hotel breakfast buffet is included in all hotel options.

  • Warm meal: One warm meal is included for all accredited WJUC participants Sunday to Friday. The meal is searved at a professional 1500+ capacity dining hall at the Main Venue.

  • Fruit and water: Provided for all players at the fields.

  • Additional food: Breakfast (for non-hotel guests), light lunch/snack and dinner can all be pre ordered. All being served in the 1500+ capacity dining hall at the Main Venue.   

  • Food trucks and cafés are at all venues.

Player, non-player and team fees: UPDATED October 8, 2019:
  • Player Fee, early bird (paid in full January 30, 2020): SEK 1,850 per person (approx €165/$190).

  • Player Fee, regular pirce (paid in full March 1, 2020): SEK 2,050 per person (approx €195/$215). 

  • Non-player fee: (paid in full March 1, 2020): SEK 1,250 per person (approx €105/$125). 

  • Team fee: SEK 8,500 per team (approx €775/$875) 

  • Includes: Warm meals sunday to friday, free transportation, WFDF sanction fee, TOC expenses, medical expenses, security, insurances, player gift, social activities, live streaming of games. 

  • All fees to be paid in local currency Krona, (SEK).

  • Rates are approx €1 = SEK 10.5 and $1 = SEK 9.5. (August 2019)

Payment deadlines: UPDATED October 8, 2019:
  • Team Fee: September 30, 2019

  • Hotel accommodation, minimum 50% deposit: November 30, 2019

  • Player Fee (Early bird): January 30, 2020

  • Hotel accommodation, minimum 50% of due amount: January 30, 2020

  • Player Fee: (Regular): March 1, 2020

  • Non-Player Fee: (Regular): March 1, 2020

  • Hotel accommodation, balance of amount due: April 1, 2020

WFDF Contact:

For any questions about the Team registrations process, please do not hesitate to contact WFDF Managing Director Events & Operations – Karina Woldt. Email: karina.woldt@wfdf.org


Please be sure to put WJUC Reg and your Country Code and Division in the subject (Eg: WJUC Pre-Reg, SWE, Men’s).

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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