• Mattias Ahlgren


Finally – and delivered as promised start October – we got Asana handed out to us in the KMS. I took a look at it yesterday, and here's my verdict. A fancy excel type spread sheet with some annoying animations. It's a project management planning tool. Nothing revolutionary, nothing that will drastically help us make WJUC the best show ever. It's still up to us. Asana won't do it for us.

But I think we should try it and use it. Main reason: We got info from WFDF's previous events listed. This is great, and will hopefully help us keep track of the small details that take no time to sort out now, but on the other hand can be an enormous hurdle in July 2020.

I suggest we all take a look at it. I spent yesterday assigning people to tasks. And Marcus and Anders – I feel bad for you. You are overloaded with tasks.

So, let's do it like this:

  1. Open Asana

  2. Take a look at your tasks I assigned to you. If you don't agree - send me a message in Asana-

  3. If you agree - give the tasks due dates.

That's it. Let's try it and see if is is any good.

And keep on commenting below so we can share stuff that we run into.


WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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