• Mattias Ahlgren

Cup Manager as the WJUC backbone

It turns out the IT backbone we need for WJUC is just around the corner. Cup Manager is one of the most used systems in the world for administrating teams, player and staff at various sport tournaments. Example: Gothia Cup (football) and Lundaspelen (handball) – both the two biggest ones in their sports. And it's all done by at tech company in Lund.

Get familiar with Cup Manager. This will be the backbone in WJUC 2020. Via Cup Manager we will be able to administrate all pre, on and post tournament activities to teams, players and officials. The KMS will be introduced to and then use Cup Manager during WJUC.

So, what is it? In short: Cup Manager is like Ultimate Central or Ulti Organizer but with proven stability and a tech crew that can fix problems. It works. And it has a lot of sweet features that will save us time and help us be more precise.

Pre tournament registration and payment:

  • Cup Manager is our point of contact to Team Managers (TM's).

  • Communication and actions are archived and logged

  • The TM's are doing the work for us: payment of fees, player registration, etc...

  • All data in one place.

  • Cup Manager handles payments. Including payment by credit card - huge help for countries in central America.

Pre tournament competition

  • Schedule and format builder.

  • The teams, players, schedule, seeding and pools are announced on an external site hosted by Cup Manager. Meaning: 100% stability, no break down.

  • All in one App to be downloaded for free by the user (player, coach, staff)

On tournament competition and news

  • Live score keeping

  • Live score reporting

  • Result reporting

  • Upcoming games, updates and changes of schedule

  • User friendly UI, even though the mobile version isn't top notch

  • Push info on important info, like schedule changes, etc

  • Possibility to add live streaming as a feature

  • External server = no break down, fast reporting, stability and security

So, downsides and cost?


  • It will take time – for us and the TM's – to learn a new a IT system when we step away from the systems already used. But, the KMS all needed to learn Ultimate Central or UltiOrganizer anyway...

  • The front end is not as user friendly as the system used in Euro Beach in Portugal in May 2019. Not totally responsive for mobile screen, but WAY better than the systems WFDF use now. The app fixes most of the issues on the mobile screen.

  • Do we sell out by using a non-DIY-ultimate-system? Couldn't care less. The DIY tradition is a problem. Neither Ultimate Central nor UltiOrganizer have the range of services or stability that Cup Manager can offer. It will help us free resources, and by that possibly making WJUC better, cheaper and putting less stressful task on the staff.


  • SEK 50 per participating team

  • SEK 4000 for the App.

  • So about SEK 7000 in total. For everything. No. Extra. Charge.


We are introducing a system that can manage the whole administrative process AND be the front end to players, coaches, staff and people following WJUC from a distance.

Having all in one system is huge. All data in one place adds security and flexibility: Anyone from the KMS can potentially step in at any time. This will save us time, help us be correct in our offerings to the guests and by that free time for all of us to be creative and make WJUC great (instead of managing and fixing errors on site).

There will be a bit of a learning process to make it work. But that couldn't be avoided anyway. The difference is that we have a fully operational and reliable system – with support 15 minutes away. A break down with Ultimate Central or UltiOrganizer can take days or weeks to fix. With Cup Manager it's a question of minutes.

So, I see all wins here. No lose.

We will all have the possibility to get familiar with Cup Manager. More on this to come...

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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