• Mattias Ahlgren

KMS kick off v2: Meet! Food! And hockey!

Save the date: Thursday November 14 @ 18:00, Malmö Arena. The KMS is going to meet for work and play! Work, hockey, and food.

The main WJUC player hotel, Malmö Arena Hotel, has given the KMS a dozen tickets to the hockey game between Malmö and Oskarshamn. The plan is to meet at 18 for some work, watch the game at 19, then grab a bite in the Sky Bar after the game and round off the day watching Malmö skyline.

This will be KMS kick off v2. Totally opposite from the August meet and WFDF September. After a couple of weeks with task lists, Asana, mails and a lot of "must do's", I think this is a great opportunity for the KMS to re-group and find some good energy.

So - sign up! The whole original KMS is invited: Marcus, Calle, Carolina, Fredrik, Hanna, Albin. Nelli, Anders, Pia, Peter, Dan, Julia, Alexander and Elsa!

Write a comment if you are coming or not. Last date to answer: November 5th.

Coming from Gothenburg and need to stay overnight? Let me know and I'll talk to Arena about a good price.

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