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Weekly Update: Nov 3

Weekly quickly turned into monthly. Anyways, an update on WJUC stuff.

WJUC Fan City

Say "hi" to Julia, Lee and Julia - the most recent addition to the WJUC organization. Julia, Lee and Julia study at Eventkoordinatorutbildningen at Landskrona Yrkeshöskola. Starting two weeks ago and up to WJUC in July they will work with WJUC full time one day a week. We will assign task relevant for their education, they will use WJUC as a sharp case.

Julia, Lee and Julia are currently working with a creative concept for the WJUC Fan City. Brief: Ideas on concept, content and strategy on how the Fan City can attract 5.000 persons daily to Malmö Stadion during the WJUC week with sustainability as the driving mechanism.

First touchdown for Julia, Lee and Julia is tomorrow, Monday 4, when the first draft is presented to Albin and Mattias. Deadline for the final work is November 20.

The people working with the Fan City are:

  • Julia, Lee and Julia from Landskrona YH

  • Albin, Mattias, Nelli and Pia from the KMS

  • Martin Kann as a creative advisor.

Martin Kann is a well known creative, originally from Helsingborg and mostly known for creating the covers for Bob Hund's albums. Martin in a super communicator with a twist: He only works with sustainability. Since sustainability is the WJUC concept – and he really loves both ultimate and disc golf – Martin has offered to work with WJUC pro bono. Starting November 29 with a half day work shop.

This team has one objective: Make the WJUC Fan City a meeting point for WJUC participants and people in Malmö. Target: 4000 persons per day and 2000 paying spectators for the finals.

Other stuff in October:

  • October 9: Mattias and Anders had a meeting with Praktik vid Event who will support WJUC with 30+ crew members for the week. The setup is used by several other events in Malmö, such as Malmöfestivalen, Toughest and Olympic Days. The crew members are paid by Malmö Kommun and will work with WJUC duties during the week.

  • October: Calle (transport), Alex (food), Carolina (medic) and Elsa (social) have been briefed on their task and are up and running.

  • October: The boars of Kockums and Akka were briefed on the concept of each team hosting a venue. Kockums we're not enthusistic, Akka had doubt but could also see possibilities. My hunch: Kockums will turn the offer down so WJUC needs to take full responsibility of North Venue (Mariedal/Hästhagen), Akka will have volunteers ready for South Venue (Hyllie IP) but need help to find a South Venue Manager.

  • October: Harriet Andersson stepped in as the WJUC Social Media Manager. Great asset!

  • October 16: First budget meeting with Peter as T-9 budget was due. It's looking good! With the increase of number of teams participating AND the work of lowering cost giving results, our margin is way better - also releasing resources for investing in better service for the participants.

  • October 21: I attended a workshop hosted by Event In Skåne on the topic "Hållbart Evenemang" (Sustainable Event). We are 100% spot on with our strategy of WJUC as a sustainable event – in both communication and action. The workshop will give us several tools to achieve this.

  • End october: The list of participating teams were published. Today China contacted us, adding ANOTHER nation to the list. We are currently 31 nations and 54 teams.

  • October 31: With the help of Jonas Michanek (Lowe's in Kockums dad) we applied for an opening dinner in the city town hall, to be held Friday July 17 for 200 guest. Fully hosted and paid for by Malmö Kommun. Coaches, Captains and Team Managers from all the participating teams will be invited.

  • November 1: Cup Manager is a WJUC partner.


  • November 4: Meeting with Malmö Turism and Malmö Event about the WJUC Fan City area. Objective: no cost for us and a lot of free stuff from Malmö (such as tents, containers, etc)

  • November 14: Hockey with the KMS! Remember to sign on no later than Nov 4. Currently Mattias, Albin, Anders, Marcus, Elsa and Julia have signed up. Alexander, Calle and Fredrik are checking possibilities.

  • November 20: Julia, Julia and Lee will present their conclusions

  • November 29: Workshop with Martin Kann

  • November 30: Last day to pay 50% of accommodation = we know almost for sure what teams are coming and the number of players.


  • Korpen Malmö is starting with ultimate! Sundays at 17:00 in Hyllie Racketcenter. See you all there!

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