• Mattias Ahlgren

Weekly update: October 1

Big date today! Pre-registration has closed, and Sept 31 was the last day to pay Team Fee. Today we open for hotel booking for the teams with confirmed payment of team fee. So full steam ahead!

Update, internal

  • Dan Engström has stepped down as Competition Manager. Dan will still stay in the loop being one of the architects of the whole bid, but no longer with a role in the KMS. Dan will become more of a senior advisor, so to speak. But Dan is not out! Dan will instead head the U14/17 side event that will run parallel with WJUC on Limhamnsfältet. The side event is owned by the Swedish Allround Federation (SDFA), where Dan also is chairman….

  • Hanna has joined Marcus in the Venue group. Hanna was previously in charge of the “Fan City”.  

  • The Fan City has moved from the Venue to the Communication group. Since we are involving external partners and trying to come up with a strong concept, we feel that this can be maintained more efficiently in the Communication group.

Update, external:

  • 52 teams from 29 countries have pre registered (deadline: Sept 13). 

  • 11 nations (20 teams) have paid Team Fee as of Oct 1 (deadline: Sept 31)

  • Target for budget is 44 participating teams

  • And yes, Sweden is in… :)

  • Hotel booking process is running, started Oct 1. 

Update, marketing/communication:

  • We hope to start recruitment of volunteers this week. The Personnel group has worked with Albin and we are ready to roll out a campaign once the website is updated.

  • Students at Malmö Latin (gymnasieskola) will produce films to run on Facebook and Instagram for us. This will be monthly films running from Dec 1 to the start of WJUC with the aim to increase awareness of WJUC. The students will be briefed by the Communications group, but write and produce the films

  • Albin is coming back to Malmö after a month in the USA. Welcome!

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