• Mattias Ahlgren

Welcome to the KMS blog with news and updates on WJUC 2020

Hi! This will be the place where we post news and updates on what's going on with WJUC 2020. Hopefully weekly updates. The ambition is to use this blog instead of sending info in mails. By that we have it all in one place and can (hopefully) backtrack.

One of our objectives has been to have as little meeting time as possible. But then all of us need to take charge of our tasks.

We agreed on two rules in August:

  1. Stick to deadlines

  2. If not able to meet the deadline, communicate a new deadline ASAP

This blog will be a test if we can manage that as individuals and as a group.

If not, the alternative will be weekly meetings with WFDF. I hate to micro manage, but if that's what we need to get it done – ill do it without hesitating.

So: BE INVOLVED! Use the commentary section on all posts to communicate to the group.

Opening game in less then 10 months. Let's go!

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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