• Mattias Ahlgren

WJUC Sustainability Crew

Enter Nelli Andersson and Pia Severinsson. Two old school ultimate players with a twist: specialists in communication and sustainability. We met in Gothenburg yesterday (Sunday Oct 6) to discuss how to develop a sustainability concept and strategy for WJUC 2020.

Why? The background is this tweet from Justin Trudeau:

Closing: "If any sport can change the world, it's ultimate"

So, let's see if Justin is right. Let's try to find out if ultimate and ultimate players can be a part of the solution. Not irrelevant since out footprints are massive: We fly all over the world to tournaments, we have a tradition of buying uniforms made out of 99% plastics, and we use a plastic disc as the center of our game. We talk a lot about gender equality, but in reality progress is slow – especially in Sweden. Ultimate can be really expensive, and by that we are excluding a lot of players from the sport.

Ultimate has great values. But we can't say it's a sustainable sport. We need to better ourselves on social, economical and ecological sustainability.

Nelli and Pia are the WJUC Sustainabilty Task Force that will change all of this.... Well, at least start with the first step: develop a strategy and concept.

They are not alone. We need all to chip in with leads, input and contacts.

Two examples:

  • This is Johanna Lakso, CEO of Powercircle and "Årets Miljöhjälte" 2013 for her work in creating a sustainability organisation. Johanna previously played ultimate with Akka and knows a lot of people in the WJUC organisation.

  • This is a conference/workshop held by Event In Skåne. Event in Skåne is our biggest sponsor with a large sum to pay for transport (buses). Following their guidelines on sustainable event is a is a requirement to receive sponsorship.

This is just two examples. Do you have anything you could bring to the table? Send a mail or comment below.

So, why all of this extra work? Isn't it enough to get the tournament going?

I see it as a combination of an opportunity and a requirement to have a sustainability concept and strategy. It will make WJUC be more relevant, by that helping us to communicate and reach out to an audience. If we have something interesting to say, someone will listen. It will also put focus on ourselves: What do we need to do and how can we do it?

Pia and Nelli, thanks for the great work I KNOW will follow!

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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