March 18, 2020

The preparations of WJUC 2020 in Malmö continue as planned

Dear all,


Since the outbreak of a new coronavirus, the WJUC TOC wants to inform our participating teams about the situation.


The preparations of WJUC 2020 in Malmö continue as planned.

As of today, there are no specific directions from the authorities – neither the WHO, ECDC nor the Swedish Public Health Agency – that WJUC 2020 needs to take any measures because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

However, our first concern is participant safety. It is therefore absolutely necessary that we have the full support from authorities in Sweden and Malmö to go ahead. The WJUC TOC follows the development carefully. We are intensifying preparations and increasing cooperation with local authorities in order to be able to welcome participants to Malmö in July 2020.

52 teams from 30 nations have registered to participate in WJUC 2020. As of today, no team has withdrawn their intent to participate due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Refund in the event of cancellation

Details on possible refund has not been decided yet, we hope to be more precise in the coming days. 


Preparations for WJUC

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, certain travel restrictions to and from Sweden can occur. We advise you to stay updated and plan your travels accordingly.


Contact the Swedish Embassy in your country for information on VISA and/or travel restrictions. 


Information can also be found here.


Be sure to have adequate insurance. Due to the outbreak, strain on the health system can be greater than normal.


All visitors coming to Sweden are entitled to receive essential health care. If you come from a Nordic, EU or EEA country or Switzerland you are entitled to receive essential care on the same terms as if you were insured in Sweden. Citizens from other countries must pay the entire cost yourself. Be sure to have adequate insurance.   


Read more about healthcare for visitors from other countries here.

We also advise you to obtain travel insurance so you are covered in case of airlines, hotels or similar going out of business.  



WJUC will work in close cooperation with local authorities, companies and organisations with precautionary measures on site. It is too soon to go into details. We will provide examples and updates in the coming weeks.

The WJUC TOC is sharing information with Gothia Cup, the world's largest annual youth soccer tournament with 1700+ teams and several thousands participants. Gothia Cup is played the week prior to WJUC, and is in a similar situation to WJUC – but in a much larger scale. This flow of information will help us navigate to make WJUC happen, but also with precautionary safety measures on site in Malmö.


The Public Health Agency of Sweden is the authority in Sweden responsible for public health issues. They take lead on recommendations and precautions concerning the Coronavirus outbreak in Sweden. 


More information here.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, regardless of question.


Kind Regards

Mattias Ahlgren, TD WJUC 2020

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships
Malmö, Sweden 18-25 July 2020
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